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Welcome to the Actual Orc Project.

The goal of this experimental project is to create an archive of a mythical digital character: Actual Orc.


There will be no sole author of the Actual Orc, but instead a decentralised economy of storytellers. This website represents the central library. This is where we attempt to catalogue the representations of the Actual Orc. We want the community to adapt the character, incorporate it into new works, mint new and related .ntf's and more, documentation of these things can be uploaded to this website. In this way we are hoping to explore what cultural potential there is in the structure of blockchain and non-fungible tokens beyond collectibles. Actual Orc is to be a myth that exists in a decentralised framework, and a shadow of that myth is to be displayed here.


To access the project, you can get one of the three .nft's of the Actual Orc here:


you will receive a log in to this website and the rights to download and edit the .obj and .stl files associated with the character. The next step is for you to edit Actual Orc however you see fit. Edit their anatomy, animate them, use the imagery on t-shirts, write one of many possible origin stories, and so on.


Whatever you decide to do with the files can be uploaded into the archive as an image or video. This is where the life of the Actual Orc will be catalogued.

Once you are finished, resell the .nft so that another entity may contribute to the myth of the first Actual Orc.

When the first three .nfts are in circulation, we will mint two more to broaden the scope of the project.

We have attempted to keep the price at an absolute minimum and the .nft's currently stand at around £10.00, although this will fluctuate due to the price of ETH.

If you need assistance setting up a cryptocurrency wallet, or want to take part in the project but do not have the financial resources, or any other access requirement email: