Frequently asked questions

What is decentralised technology?

Generally, decentralised technology refers to a shift in control and decision making from a centralised entity (individual, organisation, etc) to a distributed network. In this project it refers to blockchain technology, there is no moderator or application process- access to this project is granted through possession of an .nft which includes a log in to this website. This means anyone, anywhere can have access so long as they are able to get the .nft. The system does not have to be monitored and it does not have a deadline or end point. Actual Orc can evolve indefinitely.

What is an .nft?

NFT stands for Non-fungible token. It is a token that exists on a blockchain that is used to verify scarcity. They cannot be duplicated and are the token that verifies a unique digital object. In the Actual Orc Project there are currently three .nfts that verify your position as a storyteller within the Actual Orc economy. Once these are all in circulation two more will be minted. The nfts are expected to change hands quite regularly as once you have taken part there is really no point holding the token. The purpose of using .nft’s is that the project does not have to be run by anyone. One the system is published the project can maintain itself.

How do I take part in the project?

Get the .nft here:

I have access requirements, who do I speak to?

If you have access requirements, including financial, please email